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Fasted training.

The benefits of fasted training is a controversial topic, especially when it comes to fat loss.

Studies show that although fasted training increases fatty acid oxidation, total fat loss over time is the same as training fed - if the same amount of calories are consumed.

So, squeezing in a fasted session isn't going to directly cause you to lose more fat.

The primary benefit of fasted training, for fat loss, is that training dissipates hunger, so any hunger you may have otherwise felt in that period of the day is reduced.

This can result in you finding it easier to reach a calorie deficit, hence making you lose more weight.

One example of this is if you are intermittent fasting. Should you train at the end of your fast, the training session "carries you" through what might have been a tricky period to abstain from food.

What's also worth noting is that once you become accustomed to training fasted, you can still train at a high level and keep all your hard-earned progress.

Research found that the body composition of bodybuilders, who were fasting during Ramadan, was unaffected when training fasted. They also reported no change in how difficult the session felt, and their training volume was maintained - compared to training fed.

Whether or not you train fasted may largely depend on your eating schedule. So, should you wish to add it as another tool in your armory, I hope this research reassures you that you can still train to a high level.

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