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Exponential growth.

More and more I read about the concept of "exponential growth" (within our lives) online, and the concept is simple: There is a necessary barrier, in every pursuit in life, that you must cross before you start to see growth. But, as you pay your dues and start to cross this barrier, the hard work eventually pays off. For example, I've been posting content on social media for 5 years now, and countless times I questioned whether all of the time, effort, and energy was worth it. "Is this really for me?" "What is the benefit of all this time I'm spending?" "What if I put all of this time into something else...?" But, I just kept going. Posting day after day, honing my skills, learning about the social media space and the human psychology behind it, and more importantly... putting in the necessary hours to simply get good at it. Eventually, it paid off. Below you can see my "new follower count" from 2018 to the end of 2021. (keeping in mind that there were an additional 2 years before that) Exponential growth.

The one point I want to highlight is: Without the 4 years spent creating content prior, this would not be possible. I had to go through the "barrier to entry" before I could get good enough to truly grow. Hundreds of pieces of content, a crazy amount of hours spent, multiple occasions where I thought I was failing... all of which were necessary. The months of time and money invested in a start up before it exploded, the years spent by singer song-writers chipping away at their craft before things take off, the thousands of words an author types before producing a best selling book. Overnight success isn't a thing, their hard work just paid off overnight. Don't stop digging, you never know how close you are...

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