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More than just Intermittent Fasting.

Not only will you find everything you need to know about Intermittent Fasting, but I've also taken a comprehensive look into key topics such as: 

  • How to reduce and delay your insulin response to help you lose fat.

  • Combatting hunger.

  • Willpower and decision.

  • Managing meal frequency.

  • Eating for stable energy and improved cognition.

  • Maximising fasted training for fat loss.

Coupled with a full section on lessons that can be learned from the practice should fasting not be for you. Like I said, 'The Fasted Lifestyle' is about so much more than Intermittent Fasting.

Below I've listed some of the benefits of Intermittent Fasting, which I get into in more detail in the book.

Benefits of fasting.

All may occur



Increased human growth hormone and testosterone.

Lower insulin levels.

Increased insulin sensitivity.

Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress.

Promotes cellualr autophagy.

Improved cognition.

Greater fatty acid axidation and fat mobilisation.

Boosted immune function.

Improved digestion.

Clear skin and prevent acne.

Increased longevity.

Protects against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Reduces decision fatigue.

Re-associate yourself with hunger, and learn to control it, maybe even learn to love it.

Ease of finding calorie defecit.

Increased productivity. 

Saves money.

Builds structure to your day.

Build better understanding of the role food really plays.

my journey.

Nearly four years ago I first stumbled upon the concept of Intermittent Fasting in a Youtube video, at the time it was a fresh idea and a somewhat controversial one too. A full year later and the attention surrounding this new way of eating was growing, and so was my interest. It was time for me to give it a try. Little did I know the impact this would have on the next three years of my life.

Throughout my teenage years, I struggled tremendously to gain muscle, and I wasn't particularly lean either. Unfortunately, I'm naturally neither here nor there on that front. I was known as the guy who ate a tub of caramel flapjack cakes before bed in a bid to gain size, eating 5000+ calories during my rowing career. Nothing consistently worked. 


The day I decided to implement Intermittent Fasting seriously was April 13th, 2018, having received a series of photos including the one below on the left. If modelling was something I was going to take seriously I needed to make some changes. Using principles that I discuss in 'The Fasted Lifestyle' I saw the greatest stream of results I'd ever experienced over the next four months, and I haven't looked back since. 

My 4-month fasting transformation.

Lucas Suchorab Test 026.jpg

13th April, 2018


13th August, 2018

Note: All of these photos have no pump, no lighting difference and no editing or retouching. Which means no deception what so ever!

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