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Signed copies of my book #TheFastedLifestyle


The most comprehensive guide to intermittent fasting you’ll find, all in under 150 pages, for real results.


Have you ever suffered from ill-health, low energy or brain fog? Do you struggle to lose weight and keep it off, without damaging your metabolism? Are you tired of carefully controlling your portions at meals?


Four years ago, I would have answered yes to all three, and if you’re anything like me, then the contents of this book may be the solution. After three years of personal experience with intermittent fasting, needless to say, it changed my life.


The Fasted Lifestyle has been carefully developed and written over the course of two years. Why? I was determined to explore every avenue that intermittent fasting had to offer, so that the book contained first-hand information.


Not only have I explored all corners of the research, but I’ve applied this knowledge myself, trailing, testing and experimenting, so you don’t have to. 


I can also say with confidence that the information you’ll find within this book is a completely trusted source of information, and the 44 referenced scientific journals and books support this.


So, what can you expect to find inside the book?


✔ Exactly what intermittent fasting is, how and why it works, and what the benefits are: Making the process clear and simple, for the needs of any reader, whilst covering the necessary depth to thoroughly understand its interworking’s. 


✔ A deep dive into: why muscle is preserved, how energy levels and cognition (brainpower!) are improved, practices for a healthy gut, an effective weight loss strategy that maintains your metabolism, and much, much more.


✔ How to practice fasting in a modern world that doesn’t cater to abstaining from food: This is what makes this book different. An up-to-date approach is taken to fully address the challenges of the modern world and it’s wonderfully diverse food culture! A full spectrum of possibilities is presented, so I guarantee there will be a protocol for you.


✔ How to tailor your training whilst intermittent fasting, meeting specific goals, advanced techniques and common concerns: I have leaned upon my health, training and fasting experience to provide tailored information so you can design your own Fasted Lifestyle that lines up with your goals and needs. 


✔ Carefully selected recipes that facilitate your goals: From high energy and sharp cognition, all the way to gut health and weight loss, with options for every eating choice – whether you’re vegan or eat meat, high carb or low carb, losing or gaining weight.


Wait a minute! It doesn’t stop there... I can proudly proclaim that this book is about so much more than intermittent fasting. It’s about developing YOUR optimal healthy lifestyle, whether you decide to practice intermittent fasting or not, to achieve genuine and sustainable results.


There may be one more question that springs to mind… who am I and why can you trust me?


About the Author


Ben Smith is an ex-international athlete with an Internationally Accredited Diploma in Nutrition, also studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester. Ben has fought off a host of serious illnesses, developing and naturally overcoming IBS, and is passionate to use this adversity to spread knowledge so others may avoid it. He has a rapidly growing social media following, with over 13,000 Instagram followers (@bensmithlive), where he posts daily content pertaining to health and optimal living. Ben’s philosophy is rooted in balance, believing severe sacrifices are never necessary – nor sustainable – in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

THE FASTED LIFESTYLE: The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting - Signed Copy

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