Sunday Low Calorie Fry Up - 792 Calories, 76g Protein!

Every Sunday morning during lockdown looked like this... The morning fry up and roast dinner on Sunday was the only thing that told me what day of the week it was! It's so good it's become a Sunday ritual whenever I'm back home. Only 790 calories leaving plenty of room for the roast! I hope you enjoy as much as I do...


1 egg + 5 egg whites (or whole eggs for fried)

3 chicken sausages or chipolatas

150g sweet potato (and optionally 1 medium onion) with mixed herbs

3 bacon medallions

½ tin Heinz no added sugar beans

A handful of mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach

A slice of wholemeal or sourdough bread and butter or olive oil spread


1. Prepare 2 pans with low-calorie spray or add a splash of olive oil and wipe with a napkin to line the pan, put both on to a medium heat.

2. Crack eggs/egg whites into a pot and whisk ready for later. (skip this step if you prefer fried)

3. Add chicken sausages to a pan, following cooking time on the given packet.

4. Grate the sweet potato (and optionally onion) and press the grated mixture with a tissue to remove moisture – Mix in herbs and make into 2 even sweet potato hash on the other pan ensuring it’s greased enough so it doesn’t stick too much. Throughout the cooking process these may fall apart slightly as limited oil is used, push them back into shape if they do. Ensure you flip them to cook evenly on both sides.

- ALTERNATIVELY, mash pre-cooked sweet potato and mould into mini-pancakes!

5. Cut and add mushrooms and tomatoes to the pan with sweet potato in.

6. Add bacon medallions to the pan with chicken sausages in.

7. Turn everything as required throughout the cooking process.

8. Once the bacon is almost cooked add spinach to the sweet potato pan.

9. Empty the chicken sausages and bacon into the sweet potato pan (which will be very crowded) and turn it onto low to keep warm.

10. Add egg mixture to the now free pan and drop the bread in the toaster. (Alternately add whole eggs for fried)

11. Once eggs are cooked and bread is toasted, butter the toast.

12. Serve all and enjoy!

Nutritional information: 792 calories, 75.9g protein, 81.8g carbs, 13.3g fat