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Social media tells half the story.

In its simplest form, social media is a highlight reel of picture perfect moments.

It's governed by algorithms that encourage people to post increasingly more perfect content, as it's rewarded with likes, comments, views, and engagement.

As a result, half the story remains behind the scenes. The lows, the struggles, the true feelings and emotions, the darker days - all of which are normal.

I wanted to share this in particular today because I feel I have an obligation as a creator to remind you that what you see isn't all that is.

When you strip it back, and this might sound trivial, everyone you see online is just another human being like you and I that share many of the same struggles - you just don't see them.

Typing this now I'm settling in to what may be my third all-nighter in recent weeks to catch up, after a day of tearing my eyes out trying to film a 10 minute video in 5 different locations (with surrounding noise defeating us), almost giving up, having to ask my videographer to leave the room (out of kindness) because I was struggling to communicate myself with someone there (with anxiety), filming over an hours worth of footage from which we had to extract the "good" takes.

All you will see in this case is the 10 minute video.

You're not alone with these feelings and low points, they are completely normal.

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