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Seek failure.

In a recent video I listed 4 ways to grow mentally: travel on your own, seek failure, take on responsibility, and push your body's limits.

There was confusion and conflicting views over "seek failure". Many said that this view was a "game changer", other said that there's no human being alive that would and should seek failure.

In the later case, I personally believe that their view of failure is distorted.

Failure is a good thing.

I repeat, failure is a good thing.

Failure, like success, is simply a word that we perceive according to how society frames it.

If you frame it as a bad thing, you shy away from it - and that might be what holds you back from "that" path or pursuit.

But what if you change the way you frame it?

"The quicker, harder, and faster I fail, the faster I succeed".

In this case it's something you should seek no?

More failure = more success. The two go hand in hand.

And by that I don't mean "Okay, I'm going to sit in my exam and not write anything, because failure is a good thing" - this kind of view is extremely narrow.

Instead, you want to embrace it, get comfortable with it, run towards it and smash it down in your path to success.

For failure is how you learn.

The most pivotal moments in my life have been failures, not successes. And without those failures, the success wouldn't exist.

If you're still hung up on the meaning behind the word, let go.

Stop thinking about why I'm wrong, and start getting cosy with failure - because anything worth having in life requires a lot of it.

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