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See sunlight.

Something we can all work on together through the winter...

Regular sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, so if you aren't seeing it regularly or you live in an overcast climate I'd recommend supplementing.

I just bought myself a spray, and I'd recommend it over tablets which if taken in excess result in the consumption of a lot of bulking agents.

Aside from vitamin D, sunlight exposure regulates our circadian rhythm and affects our mood (from the regulation of serotonin and dopamine), energy, brain function, and more!

The most important time for you to see sunlight is first thing in the morning, so try and add it to the end of your morning routine - something as simple as drinking your tea outside!

Following this, try to integrate something outdoors into your tasks for the day...

Walking to the gym or work, going for a jog, or some other outdoor activity!

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