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Morning routine.

In the early stages of waking up, we are in a highly impressionable state because our brain is producing "alpha waves".

Alpha waves are produced when you are calm, relaxed, and not focusing intensely on anything.

For a comprehensive guide to alpha waves I suggest this scientifically supported article from "healthline".

For this reason, I do not use my phone in the early hours of waking up, because I don't want social media, the news, or any other external factor, dictating the thoughts entering my mind in this impressionable state.

I also want to be fully in control of my mood, and opening up my phone is like spinning a wheel and seeing if I land on something positive. More often than not, it isn't.

So that's step 1.

What do I consume? Firstly, water. I always have a glass or bottle of water next to my bed which I drink as soon as I wake up.

I usually grab a green tea and drink it whilst I continue my morning routine - which is a less harsh form of caffeine that doesn't lead to a subsequent crash (in my experience).

No coffee for at least a few hours, generally until after I've eaten as coffee can damage the lining of the gut on an empty stomach - which I discuss at length in my book. Once in a while I will drink it on an empty stomach, but not as part of a daily routine.

There are two more boxes to tick in my morning routine, meditation and journaling.

I posted a reel of my approach to both of these on Instagram @bensmithlive.

My meditation routine comes first, and I do it from bed. If I'm pushed for time I'll do a shortened version at my desk before I start working.

Journalling in particular is non-negotiable for me, because it ends with writing my to-do list for the day which stops me from floating in the wind being unsure of what I'm working on that day.

Watching both of those videos would describe my process better than I can here.

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