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How to reduce bloating once it has occurred.

I'll keep it short and sweet! I'm sure there are hundreds of methods out there, but these are the core ones that I've found to really work:

  • Hydrate with water

  • Relax and unwind - you may opt. for a hot bath/shower or a hot water bottle to relax your digestive system

  • Low impact/intensity movement like walking, yoga or stretching

  • Tea containing fennel, mint, or ginger (the best in my experience)

  • Digestive enzyme supplements or peppermint oil/capsules

  • Food sources: cucumber, ginger, and yogurt (natural, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners)

  • Integrate spices like turmeric or cayenne pepper into your following meals - fennel seeds are also great to cook with.

  • Apple cider vinegar - consume two tablespoons diluted in water (optionally add some lemon juice) and sip over the course of 10 minutes or so

  • Ride the wave - sometime's accepting the situation and being patient is the final remaining remedy

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