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How to reduce bloating.

You may or may not suffer from bloating, but if you do, you understand that it can feel uncomfortable and even cause a disturbance to day-to-day living. The primary resolution to bloating is getting to the bottom of any potential issue that might be causing it. There's not enough space to discuss this here, but what I will discuss is the food and drink sources that may aid the issue in the short term. There are a host of resources online that provide a list of herbs, spices, and more to combat bloating. These, however, are the ones that I have found beneficial through my experience with IBS:

  • Water, cannot be underestimated

  • Mint, most convenient as tea

  • Fennel, as tea or by cooking with the seeds

  • Ginger, as tea or a good thumb cooked into meals

  • Apple cider vinegar, 2 tbsp diluted with water (and lemon/lime juice)

  • Cayenne pepper and turmeric; make some homemade shots, or cook with them

  • Digestive enzymes, these are the ones I take (no affiliation)

In my opinion, it's worth finding a few "go-to" sources that really work for you, hence why my list isn't too extensive.

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