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How do I come up with these ideas?

The threemail. story...

64 weeks ago I began the newsletter, and was frightened at the thought of coming up with three new ideas every week.

I thought I would run out sooner or later. But, for some reason... I never did.

In-fact, it's given me a system of exploring thoughts and ideas that cross my mind.

Every time an idea comes into my head I immediately write it down.

Einstein once said "Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think." and I live and swear by that.

And not just threemail. ideas - I write down EVERY idea.

If you ever have a meeting with me I'll be typing in Notion catching all those ideas that might otherwise be lost.

In-fact, my entire book started with me writing down thoughts about fasting into the "Notes" app - which later acted as a skeleton for the manuscript.

Whether it be a threemail. idea, a business idea, a creative video idea... I could be half asleep for all I care; I'll spring onto my phone to capture that thought.

In-fact! The name threemail. came to me as I was drifting to sleep, and I woke myself up to write it down.

I digress... in essence, this is how threemail. ideas start.

I then sit down every week, look at my list, and use it as an opportunity to truly understand and articulate the ideas.

Having said this, more recently I stopped looking at the list...

Now I open up my template and look at the blank spaces next to "idea 1.", "idea 2.", and "idea 3." and fill them with topics that I've found particularly prevelant that week.


Starting this newsletter was one of the best things I ever did, and many of the 180 ideas I've written I fall back on in conversations, in my coaching, in my content, and more.

I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am :))

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

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