Phase 1 Full Day of Eating

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Following Ep.3 of 'My Journey Back to Fitness' on IGTV - 'A Full Day of Eating', here's a full breakdown of the meals and their timings, along with the individual and total calories and macros. This has been a typical day of eating for the last 7 weeks, my first phase back to training. Note: [BRACKETS NOT TRACKED]

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First up: Green tea - No coffee first thing, green tea contains calming amino acid l-theanine so perfect first thing in the morning.

Late morning: Black Coffee.

{Workout option 1}

Meal 1 - Protein oats (2:00pm):

66g (2 scoops) gluten free oats

25g (1 scoop) PhD diet whey protein (Belgian chocolate flavour)

15g almond butter

15g peanut butter

1 tbsp pumpkin seeds

7g coconut oil

15g absolute black 100% dark chocolate

[Fresh raspberries]

Calories: 737 - Protein 38g, Carbs 54g, Fat, 39g

Meal 2 (4:00pm):

1 egg, 4-5 egg whites

145g tin of tuna

2 protein sandwich thins

[1 unripe banana - If no pre-workout that day]

Calories: 516 - Protein 74g, Carbs 31g, Fat, 9g (No banana)

Pre-workout [If training in the evening or twice]:

1 unripe banana

15g peanut butter

15g absolute black 100% dark chocolate


Calories: 289 - Protein 8g, Carbs 30g, Fat, 16g

{Workout option 2}

Meal 3 - Asian noodle soup (7:00pm):

200g chicken breast

84g serving buckwheat noodles

1 egg

1 serving bone broth

[Vegetable mix from bone broth recipe]

Calories: 586 - Protein 72g, Carbs 54g, Fat, 8g

Check out the blog for my bone broth and Asian noodle soup recipe!

Dessert - Protein chocolate mousse (8:00pm):

30g bulk powders chocolate peanut vegan protein OR myprotein chocolate smooth soy protein

200g fat free Greek style yogurt

Activia fat free yogurt

10g absolute black 100% dark chocolate

Calories: 279 - Protein 33g, Carbs 17g, Fat, 7g

TOTAL: Calories: 2,407 - Protein 225g, Carbs 186g, Fat, 79g

Be sure to head over to my Instagram @bensmithlive to follow then entire journey.