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Carbs are not your enemy.

This arises extremely often; "I thought that was high in carbs though?", "I lowered my carbs because I wanted to lose weight.", "But don't carbs make you fat?"... something along those lines. Carbs are not your enemy, they are your primary source of energy. Whether you gain or lose weight is determined by a simple equation: Energy in - energy out = energy remaining If more energy goes out than comes in, you lose weight. If more comes in than goes out, you gain weight. The quantity we use to track "energy" is calories. Therefore, what dictates if you gain or lose weight is if you consume more or less calories than your body needs. What the calories are made up of doesn't matter. If you consume a low carb diet of 2,400 calories, it would affect your weight in the same as a high carb diet of 2,400 calories. So why do people limit carbs? (A very very brief summary)

  • As a means of lowering their calories, replacing carbs with vegetables is an easy way to do this.

  • To delay hunger and cravings - often when you start eating carbs, you start wanting more. So delaying carbs later in the day postpones this.

  • To keep insulin low. Fat and protein induce a minimal insulin response, whilst carbs produce a large response (as the role of insulin is to help you absorb and regulate blood sugar, from carbohydrates).

  • Keeping insulin low allows you to use stored fat for energy, so when losing weight, the longer you keep insulin low the more energy you can extract from fat storage, and the less your metabolism falls (I made a video on this - coming soon).

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